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Explore Kaggle Competition Data with R

I wanted to pick a topic that involved some webscraping and so decided to get some data from Kaggle. I put down some questions that could potentially be answered with some fairly basic plots. Is prize money a key motivator … Continue reading

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Exploring Mangalyaan tweets with R

Mangalyaan is the spacecraft of Indian Space Research Orgnization’s Mars Orbiter Mission that entered the orbit of Mars last week. There were several tweets in Twitter with hashtag #Mangalyaan about it last week. I wanted to use R to explore … Continue reading

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Attempt at R version of Peter Norvig’s Spelling Corrector

I recently came across a short tutorial by Peter Norvig on natural language processing using some interesting examples. I found it very interesting and really liked Peter Norvig’s explanations and the fact that it was all in ipython notebook for … Continue reading

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